Designing the most complex tool is never the issue. Design and build an innovative tool that increases workability, that is the challenge. Innovation is about being clever. Sometimes adding functionality and a higher level of automation to your tool is a clever way to increase workability. However, there are also situations in which innovation lies in a simplification of existing methods and equipment.

In the last 20 years (yes, it is our anniversary year!), we have seen and delivered many different offshore tools. We have won the trust of our clients not only by making tools more advanced but also by showing the flexibility to simplify equipment where possible. A recent example is the casing lift adapter for
Van Oord’s Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm project. The design of the tool enables a quick change of orientation from vertical to horizontal which speeds up the operational process significantly. Adding functionality increased the workability here. Awesome video of the tool through this link .

However, we are currently working on a new tool that needs to lift huge foundation structures. The current solution is a complex hydraulic tool that will be replaced by multiple simple temporary structures. Simplification increased the workability here.

Developing these tools is not what we do just by ourselves. We do this together with our engineers, the project team, and the end client. No matter what type of equipment, it all comes down to working together. Collaborate. We pride ourselfs on the knowledge we gained true a variety of technical challenges. This enables us to bring knowledge to the table about processes, operations, and how to translate this into smart design choices.

If you are curious how we came up with the casing lift adapter or if you want to exchange thoughts on another technical challenge, just give us a call. We are happy to think along.